So, what is tng?

For experienced genealogists, The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding is software written and supported by Darrin Lythgoe that provides a superb on-line display of a genealogy database. If you already have a computerized database that can be converted to a "gedcom" file, you can upload that database to stay current without re-writing your website. I have adapted my site to a style that I like, but there are templates available if you have no style (joke...). If you don't have a database on your local computer, it is possible to do all your work on-line, adding, deleting and changing information whenever you want, even collaborating on-line with others. Darrin provides exceptional service and support with regular updates and refinements to the software. There is also a strong community of users providing support and advice. There are many available features that I have not implemented, so I encourage you to check out the possibilities.

For most of my friends, family and fellow genealogists, this is a website where I keep all my genealogy information accessible and up-to-date. Because I have information about living relatives, I am able to authorize and monitor users, limiting anonymous browsers. This provides a safe and user-friendly means of collaboration. At this point, there are aver 13,000 individuals listed, all related in one way or another to Doug or Barb Beezley.


In order to access database information, vistors must register. By clicking on Register for a User Account you will see a form for filling information. The minimum requirement for the form to continue is to provide Username, Password, Real Name and E-mail address. In order for me to approve your access to personal information, I will require full disclosure of your identity, how you are, (or may be) related and how we may correspond. I will encourage mutual sharing of information. People are concerned about identity theft. At the same time, the endeavor of genealogy requires cooperation. With this understanding, I hope we can accomplish both.

I do my best to maintain a record of all correspondence with people and notify people if new information comes up that might be of interest. I don't release information about web-site registrants without your knowledge and consent. When I get correspondence about a line where I know you have an interest, I may "cc" my response to facilitate linking. I NEVER pass on address or phone numbers. If someone asks, I will pass on the request on to you.

What can you do with TNG?

Here's where I'd like to acquaint you with how to get started and what to see. The first place to look is the menu on the right side of the Main Page. If you just want to find an individual or family name, use the Search box. If there are more than one person with the same or similar names (there often are) you will get a list from which to choose. If you ask for a common surname (for this database) such as "Beezley" or "Barnard", you will get hundreds of responses. The Advanced Search form is for refined searching and not usually necessary.

The Surname list is a fun one. Here you can find the Surnames by First Letter, Listed by most common Surnames and the number of individuals listed with that Surname, and more. At this point the top surname in the database is Barnard at 671. Second is Beezley, coming up at 600, followed by the unfortunate [no surname] at 314. The Schellenberg family would be third but at 291, it is split from the Schellenbergers who account for 117. Barb's family starts out wth the Schroers at number 12 (90 individuals), Deffenbaughs at number 13 (86 individuals) and the Muellers at number 19 (74 individuals).