Ancestors of Doug and Barb (Schroer) Beezley of Gering, Nebraska.

Doug Beezley

This website is based on genealogies for the families of Doug Beezley's four grandparents, Beezley, Schellenberg, Barnard and Day and on the four grandparents of Barbara (Schroer) Beezley, Schroer, Ahlemeyer, Deffenbaugh, and Mueller. In all cases but the Ahlemeyers, family trees had been started by other family members and extended through Internet research and contact with other genealogy researchers.

You can see on Doug's family tree the four grandparents surnames and again with Barb's family tree you will see the surnames of her grandparents. I have some information about a few other lines on my mothers side that interest me, the Rutters, the Rudders and the Allens. In each case, I have identified the oldest patriarch of the family and seek the best possible listings of the descendents of each patriarch. In most cases, I limit the records of those marrying into the family to the parents. On occasions, I go further than that for families close to the directly related family.

DNA Projects

An important aspect of modern genealogy is the capacity to use DNA to offer hints as to the links between family lines. The most typical use of genealogical DNA is to establish the likelihood that that surname lines are linked by comparing Y chromosome markers for two males with the same or related surname. The higher the match of these markers, the more likely these two individuals are related. This information can supplement standard genealogical research where it is not certain whether ancestors are related.

Because of the fact that only males with the surname to be studied can be compared in this way, I can only participate in a Beezley study. To that end, I have started a Beezley DNA project and hope to find others to participate. I am also in communication with Barnard and Day projects that are active and would direct people to those projects.

I hope to add more information about these projects. In the meantime, please look for further information DNA Heritage, the company where my project is located, and the entrance the Beezley DNA Project. Another well known site is Family Tree DNA, where the Day project is located. There is also summary site for the Day Project. Other sites of interest are Ybase and the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation.

Beezley Genealogy Manuscript

By John Beatty of Fort Wayne, Indiana

This is the text of a manuscript written by John Beatty, a genealogical librarian in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has graciously shared his information with me and other Beezley researchers. John's work helped me to link several Beezley lines that I had suspected to be linked but didn't know how and where.

Ida Hughes Manley Manuscript

My initial source of information on the Beezley lineage was a draft text of this manuscript. Ida, a Beezley cousin, had spent years doing the hard research, collecting documents and pictures, contacting living relatives for updates and compiling it into document form without the help of computers. The draft I had was from the early 70's. In November of 2005, I met Patty Mummert, Ida's daughter, who provided me with the final draft of her document. I scanned it with OCR and saved to file without editing.

Beezley Family History with photos

I received a set of old family photos collected by Ida Hughes Manley and provided to me by her daughter Patty Mummert of San Diego. I have collected these photos plus some others in a PDF slide set giving a history of beezley Ancestors from William Beezley of Virginia, early 1700's to my own family in the present day. This includes bits of history and genealogy charts. On 2-3-2009, revisions were made from information received from a relative. This requires Adobe Acrobat to open.

Day Family Album

This album was a gift from my Great great grandparents, Clinton and Catherine Day to my Great grandparents Robert and Marietta Day according to the writing on the album. The front and back covers are heavily padded cloth with heavy cardboard insides. The pages are heavy cardboard. The binding holding the pages together is mostly gone and most of the pictures have been removed. Most of the pictures remaining are unidentified and obviously quite old. This first picture set is the cover and some pages, plus a couple identified pictures of Robert, Marietta Day and Oliver Rutter. There is also a set of Unidentified Day Family Pictures. Please let me know if you recognize anyone.

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